Groups of Interests
GOI IDFull NamesDescriptions
DFODepartment of Field Operation DFO is comprised of select individuals from both G28 Forces and Securion Corps. 
DOCDepartment of Coordination DoC consists of the CEOs of companies from both Kuker Group and Prion Group. 
DOEDepartment of Esotericism DoE is comprised of many races, most notably members of Homo sapiens reflexi, Ursus ignitus, and Stenella coeruleoalba reflexi
DOIDepartment of Innovation DoI produces innovations and new technologies that DoT would later acquire and produce. 
DONDepartment of Normalcy DoN is comprised of statisticians, observers, and academicians. 
DOSDepartment of Surveilance DoS is comprised of news institutions, press, journalists, lawyers, notaries, judges, prosecutors, investigators, and many more associates. 
DOTDepartment of Treasury DoT is comprised of CFOs of companies from both Kuker Group and Prion Group. 
EPLThe Extrasensory perception and Psychokinesis Laboratory "where we change the world step by step, under the guidance of our patron god, Lord Yam-Nahar." - Arwin 
FTFFibonacci Task Force A group of voluntary heroes comprised of David, Ashton, Zean, and Michelle. 
GAAGlobal Association of Angels Individuals that have pledged their allegiance to the Powers they serve. 
GFE-MTF-Alpha-47GFE's MTF Alpha-47 "Samsara" A task force of GFE, dedicated for all missions related to the Apex Souls. 
HDCHexadecimal ducenti club A club Steven and company instituted. Not a formal one, but just a group of adult men with weird perks jammed together. 
HHEHeavenly Hosts of Earth Divine police forces of the Council
KIAThe Intelligence Agency K Intelligence Agency (KIA, or simply "The Intelligence Agency") is a transnational clandestine operation founded via a joint effort of the Kuker Group and Securion Incorporated International
KIA-DFO-1st1st Division: Frontline Responder This division is trained specifically to be the scouting party, and to assess the situation before other divisions arrive. 
KIA-DFO-2nd2nd Division: Medical Support The Second Division is DFO's medical support, therefore eliminating the need to use public medical aids. 
KIA-DFO-3rd3rd Division: Heavy Artilery and Armored Vehicle Combatant This Division is specialized in the use of advanced heavy weaponry and armored vehicles. 
KIA-DFO-4th4th Division: Logistic A division that is specialized in planning and facilitating logistics of any operations, especially on escort missions and transport missions.  
KIA-DFO-5th5th Division: Esoteric Counter-Response Created with the purpose of catching up with esoteric opponents. 
KIA-MTF-Alpha-19KIA's MTF Alpha-19 "The Archangels" The Archangels are specialized in engaging with Denefasan forces, or forces reinforced with Denefasan tech. 
KIA-MTF-Gamma-42KIA's MTF Gamma-42 "Four Horsemen" A task force of KIA, dedicated for protecting civilians against non-normal threats. 
KIA-MTF-Psi-72KIA's MTF Psi-72 "Nine Tailed Fox" KIA's frontline Mobile Task Force to deal with unusual situations with maximum level of secrecy, especially when involving reflexiors
SECSecurion Enterprises Cooperative Securion Enterprises Cooperative is a multinational organization of corporations specialized in security solutions, weaponry, and combat vehicles. 
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WTFThe Watchtower Foundation An extragovermental organization comprised of reflexiors, that completely disregards jurisdictions of normal human governments.