Heavenly Hosts of Earth

Summary: Divine police forces of the Council.

The Heavenly Hosts on Earth is a state department of the Divine Council of Earth that acts as the Council's right hand. They enforce the rules set by the Throne via direct interventions. For all purposes and intent, they are the police force of the Council.

The members of the Heavenly Hosts are instances of a Power known as Yahweh. The instances are colloquially called The Yahwehs by reflexiors. On feral humans though, the name is associated as one of the names of an Abrahamic God, often interchangeable with the name El Shaddai. El Shaddai, however, is an entirely separate and distinct Power, that goes by the name Toru El. They have been gone since time immemorial, no one knows where they are.

The Yahwehs aren't the only ones interfering with mortal realms. For cases that require only minor interference, many Powers have their own servants to do their biddings. They are The Angels, mortals recruited to act on behalf of the Powers that command them.

In some special instances, like accompanying a foreign tourist to their retirement settings, Angels and The Yahwehs may collaborate.

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