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Xenomancy Universe Project is a project that began with a dream. A dream so epic the author decided to jot it down in a piece of a paper. In the following years, the author decided to develop it into a novel.


Southrace at The Dawn of Earth: The First Contact

That was the origin of Southrace at The Dawn of Earth: The First Contact. The project started from a scribbled note a couple days after December 16th, 2011. Helena, David, Peter, Eden, and Hayden were already there, right from the dream that the author had. It was ugly, and despite the English title, the story was actually written in Indonesian. The basic plots barely diverged from the original dream, with some expanded characters and story line to make the story a little bit sensible.

It was an era when Steven wasn't named Steven yet, and Daniel wasn't named Daniel yet. They were called South and Sylafen respectively. The bad guy wasn't named Aditya yet, he was Harry. It was also the day the author hadn't had a name for Anderson, that back then was named Aucafidia.

However it suffered from inconsistencies, and lack of ideas. The author was just too young to understand a lot of things. It was too naive. The era came to an end when the author last edited the file on December 13, 2013.

Bumi di Kala Senja

Afterwards, came Project BdKS (Bumi di Kala Senja, translation: Earth at Dusk). The story line was more or less similar. Yes, it was basically the clone of the previous project, with South's name changed to Steven, and Anderson was finally named Anderson. The era lasts for quite some time, and the author abandoned the project again on May 4, 2016.

Bumi di Kala Senja version 2 (BdKSv2) a.k.a. Nouveau Universe Project

As the author got stuck, he decided to rework everything, and research a lot more things. Hence the origin of Project BdKSv2, with an aim to expand the universe, and edit some inconsistent lore. New characters were made, and new story lines added. It was the day the project sprouted Steven's background story, where Henokh appeared, and the birth of many more characters.

I'd say it was this project's equivalent of Cambrian radiation period. It was an era the author was strongly influenced by OAUP. Previously, the author used softer science fiction franchises as his inspiration, namely Star Trek and Star Wars. It was no longer adequate, that when the author discovered OAUP, he reformed the entire physics department of the story.

The highlight of this era was the conception of Nouveau Universe Project or NUP, a name of the entire universe, and intended to be the name of the universe's franchise. Upon a quick lookup, the author discovered that the name was first used in his email correspondence at least on September 16, 2015. It was a correspondence with one of the editor of OAUP, with the aim to have a license to use OAUP-specific concepts.

With a great shame the author wanted to disclose that NUP at that era used OAUP references extensively. After months of correspondence with OAUP, the author decided to postpone the project due to lack of time. However the author managed to develop a solid foundation for the project to move forward.

It was also the days the author decided to split the story into multiple projects:

One notable change to the universe was the existence of a civilization of mages known as Reflexiors, and the existence of RFL. The addition of Hendrik as a member of BAIK (an old name for KIA in Xenomancy) was an attempt to incorporate technomage elements to the story. It was also the origin of Hendrik's advanced meta manipulation ability, and was also one of the earliest conception of Heinrich Potens and Romanov Dexter.

Those projects weren't successful either. That, and heavy use of OAUP references, hindered a lot of the author's creative processes. Especially as the deal with OAUP somehow got stuck, with the last correspondence from the author was dated on January 7, 2018. Uncertain with the legal status of OAUP contents the author wanted to use, he wasn't sure how to move on.

However the author felt like he was finally getting somewhere. All he had to do was to collect everything and rework them once again. And so that was what he did.

Bumi di Kala Senja version 3 (BdKSv3)

With the addition of new dreams, including The List and Manusia vs. Anjing (Humans vs. Dogs), he decided to make a new start. Hence Project BdKSv3, with the aim to flesh out all new ideas collected from BdKSv2, with the earliest document dated on January 27, 2018. It was just too different that it must be a new project entirely. The language of choice was finally: English language.

The author was so determined to maintain coherence of all parts, and to have a centralized outline for all stories related to BdKS. He was also determined to use The Snowflake Method for his outlining. It was a huge success, as with that he managed to compile scattered story lines into a single reference document.

Project BdKSv3 was essentially an attempt to recombine all side stories of NUP into a single story once again (except for the future arc, Project Fallen, and Steven: 2003 arc). The premise was summarized as follows:

A half alien and friends were involved in a fight between gods.

Then the high level outline was summarized to be as follows:

Steven and Daniel aided Anderson who’s wounded by Aditya, then learns about the existence of an alien sea serpent, and something about the end of the world is coming. Steven and Daniel were present on the arrival of demo Denefasan wave, led by this Aditya, then they fight Aditya and the Denefasan troop. Days later, Aditya decided to eliminate Daniel and Steven, then Steven managed to defeat Aditya’s men and save Daniel. Steven, his friends and family decided to move, aided with Henokh and Anderson, yet Aditya discovered him again. Steven defeated Aditya, and then he’s detained by G28 and Henokh. -insecurity

Anderson intended to kill Henokh, but Aditya blocked and wounded him, then Aditya’s escape is aided by a sea serpent. Henokh, alive, managed to track Aditya and ambushed his facility, yet Aditya’s not here. Aditya’s men breached Securion buildings and stole an aucafidian artifact stored there, despite G28’s attempt to prevent this. Henokh investigated a new movement called Umbra Cahaya, that’s related to Aditya’s organization, that lead to Aditya’s whereabout, then confronted him. Aditya, managed to run, later to perform insurgency on Medan (one of the objective is to destroy Kuin), but defeated by Steven. Aditya revealed Anderson’s attempt to kill Henokh years ago, resulting in Anderson revealing his reasoning, that’s now obsolete. -distrust

Hendrik discovered a list containing names, including his that’s killed by the list’s sequence. Hendrik captured the girl that’s killing people up to prior to his name in a shopping mall, and brought her to BSW’s facility. Following the lead, Hendrik and co. visited Paramundus Integra to save Hendrik in that world from being killed. Due to his action, the enemy obtained a fatal exploit of RFL to enter and invade manent realm. Together, they (the protagonists) then visited the Paramundus Shamayim to defeat the old gods. Now, their action disabled earth’s defense, and Denefasan invaded earth. -twist

post-Ecorapture, Aditya helped Henokh to preserve remaining humanity from Denefasan’s attack, and occasional unknown demons spawned from the ground. (?)

It was one of the most productive era, as plots were expanded, and plot holes were filled up one by one. Story line was made more coherent, and the protagonist groups had their goals aligned over time. The world was more or less fleshed out, with major parties were conceived already. The ending was more or less defined, and the story started to take its shape. However, many plot holes remained, and the author was stuck on his attempt to fill them.

The author just knew that he had to abandon the entire NUP. The plot was set up, the setting was more or less complete, but the story lacked life. He decided to redirect his focus on one more aspect of story writing: characters.

It was when the story transformed to life, as he explored core casts that actually made the most impacts: Anderson, Aditya, and Ashton.

Three Ways War

December 5, 2019, was the date this concept first documented in gitlab. It was basically similar to the previous attempt that birthed BdKSv3. But it was more focused: to have a clearer division of roles among three major factions, and to clear up their motivations. In the process of doing that, the list of Powers On Earth that participate in this affair started to finalize.

One of the accomplishment of this concept was how it simplified the main conflict of the story: the existence of Godfluenza on Earth, and how it affects every party. The answer of why everything happened, was finally answered: it was an attempt to take care of Godfluenza. Of why Powers disturbs mundane matters, the establishment of Aucafidian settlements, the attack of Denefasan on Earth, and even went as mundane as why were there a number of people whose names existed in a list, killed anomalously.

It was so simple, that even a pattern began to emerge: the entire story was basically comprised of three major parts, each was massive enough to be presented as a book. So the answer was clear to the author, to move on, he had to split the story again into three books. It was unlike in BdKSv2, where the branching was due to the author's inability to weave them all in a single story, the division of TWW into three books was an attempt to make the story more concise. The first book explores the conflict from mundane, everyday perspective. The second book explores the conflict by examining an alternate, virtual Earth, where they would learn more about the nature of Powers. The third book explores the conflict right into its heart: the Powers themselves. Each books advanced in level of abstraction, from physical Book 1, imaginative Book 2, and finally, surreal Book 3.

Xenomancy Universe Project

It was the present stage of the entire Xenomancy Universe. A development from TWW as a concept resulted in a clearer aim of how the story would progress. And a total transformation from the original dream that started it all.

At present time, the aim was simply to execute everything into a working manuscript.

There isn't much to say at this stage, as this is the current development era, and is also the era the author decided to purchase a domain, and set up a website. Without further ado, you can check the progress here:

  1. Book 1: We are sorry for the inconveniences.
  2. Book 2: The Oneironauts.
  3. Book 3: The Divine Council of Earth.

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