Fibonacci Task Force

Summary: A group of voluntary heroes comprised of David, Ashton, Zean, and Michelle.

Comprised of members of KIA-MTF-Gamma-42, before they were instituted as a task force.

David was inspired by his dad's Hexadecimal Ducenti Club (HD Club), where its members combined IQ score is two hundred in hexadecimal (512 in decimal). David calls the squad as the Fibonacci Task Force, as he realized that their combined IQ is 610, the 15th number in Fibonacci sequence.

RankIQ ScoreNameAliasWeapon
1185Daniel AshtonOrigami KnightAshton's Fight Suit
2182David PontirijarisBlack AngelMidnight
3125Michelle WilliamsPole DancerRuyi Bang
4118Zean LisanderDream CasterOneirobot
Sum61015th Fibonacci Number


The group is comprised of four kids that are classmates.

  1. Origami Knight is Daniel Ashton's alias in the group. Ashton's fighting suit comes in form of sheets extruding from his body, and folds in a manner people could only describe as origami folds. One of the earliest display of his fighting suit can be found in chapter Facing The Forking Path, where Ashton (then was Christopher Agape Lumintan) fights Aditya Wijaya and Anthony Matthias.
  2. Black Angel is David Pontirijaris' alias in the group. The name comes from the fact that he fights with the aid of Midnight Ranensis. Midnight is an artificial being comprised of blackish strings that could wrap about and tangle into various shapes and forms at will. The resulting shapes or forms are not necessarily black in color, as it could also replicate various textures and colors in a manner not entirely dissimilar to Octopus-like camouflage. During a fight, Midnight would surround David's vicinity almost like a pair of black furry wings attached to a vaguely humanoid figure standing behind or near David. Hence David's alias.
  3. Pole Dancer is Michelle's alias in the group. She originally gave herself the name of Sun Wukong, people starts to call her as a Pole Dancer more because of her weapon of choice: Ruyi Bang. Ruyi Bang is a is a telescoping smartmetal pole, that could change its width, rigidity, and length at will. The maximum length is 15 meters, and minimum length is 2 meters. Its rigidity can approach that of a rope, or a solid metal beam, through manipulation of contacts between smartmetal strings not unlike that of Midnight's make up.
  4. Dream Caster is Zean Lisander's alias in the group. His weapon of choice is Oneirobot, a swarm semi-autonomous robot with a strong optical illusion ability. However, Oneirobot is not just useful for optical illusion, as it is basically an utility sand, capable of forming various useful forms out of the swarm. Zean's role in the group is to help distract or protect civilians, and to mask their presence via the use of realistic optical illusion, and to provide the group with useful tools conjured seemingly from a thin air. Hence his alternative alias: Sandman.

A Note for IQ score

According to Mensa International,1 an IQ score is defined in a manner where the average score of a population was defined as IQ 100, where standard deviations up and down is defined as a number of points greater or less than 100. Therefore an IQ score of IQ 125 simply means that a person is about 25 IQ points above 100. The conclusion is simply that the test is not an absolute measure of intelligence, and it only measures aptitude of a person against a given population.

It is evident in what is known as the Flynn Effect,2 as IQ tests are constantly revised with the median score is re-calibrated to IQ 100. Therefore when a person of average IQ score as measured from a contemporary IQ test takes an older test, their score might come out higher, as people in modern days has more access to education, improved nutrition, or many more factors that might not available readily in the past.

It follows that despite David and Ashton both have higher IQ scores when they are measured with human IQ tests, designed and calibrated solely for human populations, they will trivially score to the upper edge of IQ points. Also note that reports of IQ score higher than 160 is considered dubious.3

Therefore it is only a matter of whom the given IQ test is calibrated to. If the test is calibrated for human population, almost all normal Etoan individuals would consistently score near the top end (160 to 180 IQ points). However, if an IQ test is to be calibrated with only Etoan samples, David and Ashton will then trivially obtain a score close to 100 IQ points. David and Ashton are therefore, only appears extraordinary in a human population, despite being average in their respective Etoan society.


1 Mensa International, What is IQ?, "When current IQ tests were developed, the average score of the norming sample was defined as IQ 100; and standard deviation (a statistical concept that describes average dispersion) up or down was defined as, for example, 16 or 24 IQ points greater or less than 100." accessed on 23 April 2022, 16:51 GMT+08:00.

2 Wikipedia, Flynn Effect, "The Flynn effect is the substantial and long-sustained increase in both fluid and crystallized intelligence test scores that were measured in many parts of the world over the 20th century. When intelligence quotient (IQ) tests are initially standardized using a sample of test-takers, by convention the average of the test results is set to 100 and their standard deviation is set to 15 or 16 IQ points. When IQ tests are revised, they are again standardized using a new sample of test-takers, usually born more recently than the first. Again, the average result is set to 100. However, when the new test subjects take the older tests, in almost every case their average scores are significantly above 100.", accessed on 23 April 2022, 16:53 GMT+08:00.

3 Wikipedia, Intelligence Quotient: Reliability, "By the same token, high IQ scores are also significantly less reliable than those near to the population median. Reports of IQ scores much higher than 160 are considered dubious," accessed on 23 April 2022, 16:43 GMT+08:00.

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