GFE's MTF Alpha-47 "Samsara"

Summary: A task force of GFE, dedicated for all missions related to the Apex Souls.
A task force of the Department of Normalcy, Global Foundation of Esotericism. Specialized in dealing with the Apex Souls.


In 1993

Mobile Task Force "Samsara" is a task force of the Department of Normalcy, Global Foundation of Esotericism. Specialized in dealing with Apex Souls. In 1993, the MTF was led by Sergeant Chandra Watthuprasongkh. It was a Squad of three Fireteams.

1st Fireteam (The Iron Fists)



Gender, Age



Sgt. Chandra "Chan" Watthuprasongkh ("จัน" จันทรา วัตถุประสงค์)

(male, 26yo)

He is very close with Michael (calling him Nong Mike), as they went into training at a similar time, and spend years together. Highly determined to do his jobs, very friendly to his squad, and knows every single one of them very well. However, he's very emotionally attached to his squad, that losing a squad member is almost always devastating for him.


Pvt. 吳脚踏 (Go Jiao Ta), usually called Ms. Go.

(female, 23yo)

A calm, quiet, and stern person. Dislikes unorganized actions, and always executes everything with precision and determination. Wouldn't twich for every soul killed. Technically, she is also a medic. [KIA: by Juan Muerte, when she's stationed to guard one of the tunnel's opening where they extracted the body of A Ping and A Chen.]


Pvt. 王实地 (Wang Shi Di), usually called Wang.

(male, 24yo)

A highly reliable wingman when needed. However, he's quite messy when it comes to his own belongings. Does not hesitate to jump and save his colleagues, even when it may cost his life. [KIA: When Zarah shot a disturbtor beam toward Sgt. Chandra, he jumped in place of Sgt. Chandra and disintegrated into dusts].


Pvt. Djunita, usually called Djun.

(female, 24yo)

A bright and cheerful lady, always trying to liven up her squad by throwing jokes (often bad or fail, but, well). Never wish to hurt anyone, and always try to get close with everyone. [KIA: by Juan Muerte, when she's stationed to guard one of the tunnel's opening where they extracted the body of A Ping and A Chen.]

2nd Fireteam (The Wizards)



Gender, Age



Pvt. Michael "Mich" Carmichael

(male, 24yo)

Is Integra Hendrik's previous incarnation, and is a Brahma soul. An agile reality bender, that can perform small scale minor reality bending relatively quickly. A hard and wide scale reality bending requires more time of focusing. [KIA: When finally come face to face with Juan Muerte, a Shiva soul, they fight with their esoteric powers while their powers annihilate one another.]


Barong Ket, usually called Ket.


His human form is a lean but strong south asian male martial artist. His beast form is a male lion. Specializes in aural attack, projected energy, shielding techniques, and strategic planning. Can teleport, but only toward a spot in his direct line of sight. If he can't see it, he can't teleport there.


Barong Bangkal, usually called Bangkal.


His human form is a heavily built aryan male. His beast form is a babirusa. Specializes in strength, and brute force.


Barong Macan, usually called Macan.


His human form is a strong and fit javanese male. His beastform is a Bengal Tiger. Specializes in sensory acuity, clairvoyance, camouflage, and navigation. Can teleport in rapid succession, and is very precise at doing so.

3rd Fireteam (The Harem)



Gender, Age



Pvt. Kang Hae-In (강해인), usually called Haein (해인).

(male, 20yo)

A bright, cheerful, and playful person. Barely shows his emotions, always mask it with smiles and positive vibes. Very perceptive to other individuals, and highly sensitive to changes in mood, and emotional distress.


Pvt. Angelica Gears, usually called Gears.

(female, 22yo)

She is highly perceptive, a perfectionist, and like to tidy her belongings and appearances. Very adaptive and resourceful in battle.


Pvt. Ninawati Berlina, usually called Watt.

(female, 21yo)

A strong woman, and a very precise grenade thrower. [KIA: by Juan Muerte, as she shot him after he wounded Ket.]


Pvt. Emma Bright, usually called Emma.

(female, 20yo)

A hypersex and playful woman. At the same time being very emotionally matured, high self control (except for sex), and very intuitive. Also specifically trained to be a paramedic.

In 2027

It was led by Sgt. Pride Loudgulf, and was comprised of two fireteams, the Team Iron Fists and the Band Airlangga.

Team Iron Fists

Sgt. Pride LoudgulfSquad Leader. He is playful, has no regards of personal space, like to tease others physically, but he never intend to hurt his friends. His human form is a medium built, hairless pale albino man, with bluish gray irises. His animal form is a higher porpoise.In his beast form, moving in any medium as if they're the ocean. In his human form, can liquify and solidify objects at will, as long as he touched them. In all forms, he could see through objects as if they're all translucent.
Steven PontirijarisAn energetic person with proficiency in accuracy and force redirection as his fighting style. Something like airbenders.His tablet allowed him to access all tools available for him in Xenomancy, along with several features inherent to the projector nature of his device.
Daniel LusienCalm, sometimes random, and like to act weak, while having a very strong rooting stance in a fight, very good in defense and firm.Can alters the consciousness of his victim, provided that he initiated eye contacts with his victim, and performed a handshake with them.
Fernando SuryantaraEffervescent and sometimes goofy. Actually very kind and dislike violence, but could pack quite a punch if required. Has a set of strong and rapid offensive capabilities.Can push or pull objects to his center of mass, provided that those objects had been seen by him.
Barong AsooHis human form is a short and bright skinned human boy with black eyes and hair. Playful, loyal, and inquisitive. He's easily distracted, but he wouldn't think twice to do anything to protect those he cares about, especially his team mates. Doesn't matter if he knew them or not, if the team leader said they're a member of the team, he'd protect them.Can launch sonic attacks, and shockwaves from his barks that can selectively cast out unwanted weak enemies. His sniff is so strong he could practically see smells with stunning accuracy and range.

Band Airlangga

Barong KetTeam Leader. His human form is a lean but strong southasian male martial artist. His beast form is a male lion. He's very keen of his surroundings, and is very good at strategic planning.Specializes in aural attack, projected energy, shielding techniques. Can translocate, but only toward a spot in his direct line of sight. If he couldn't see it, he couldn't translocate there.
Romanov DexterA free soul, that sometimes appear to be careless, but very detail-oriented. He appeared to be dismissive and indifferent, but he cares about those around him.His powers from Xenomancy is transferable to Integra, with more control and flexibility due to the virtual nature of Integra.
Barong GajahEmotional, clingy, but is actually huge and very firm in stance. If he decided that he wouldn't move, nobody could move him. He is also very strong and can easily break concretes.He has seismic senses, and he could transfer forces through and from the Earth.
Henokh LisanderTimid, turbulent, and persistent. At the same he is charismatic, so much that he could convince others to do things they originally didn't want to.Can force others to do his bidding, provided that they are within hearing distance from him, and they're in a sustained eye contact when he is giving them orders.
Derictor WijayaCalm, observant, and determined. He can sustain a prolonged focus, in a battle, while also quite playful when they're not in a fight.Can remotely manipulate knives, provided that he touched them beforehand. He is equipped with a special vest by GaFE that could produce countless copies of blades of various forms and shapes, as long as they exist in Integra. Also, as long as he's still focused on the knives, even if those knives are broken in pieces, he could still control the pieces.

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