KIA's MTF Gamma-42 "Four Horsemen"

Summary: A task force of KIA, dedicated for protecting civilians against non-normal threats.

All of the members are from the Fibonacci Task Force (gitlab). Armed with etoantech weaponry. Ashton made them join the Intelligence Agency, as Anderson's influence wither due to his attempt to assasinate Henokh and Aditya. The Four Horsemen specializes with the protection of civilians.

NameCodenamePreferred WeaponsDescription
Daniel AshtonThe Origami Knight.Multimodal Fabric ArmorHis armor comes in form of sheets extruding from his body, and folds in a manner people could only describe as origami folds. Highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, very calm and precise. His face barely twitch in a fight, always focused and attentive to the enemy.
David PontirijarisThe Black Angel.MidnightMidnight can reshape at will, but recurrent shapes are David's e-bike and The Twin Geniuses. I believe David is actually quite easy to be agitated. In Smartphonology, Ashton is the one that often calmed him down. He's well prepared, but could get irritated when provoked. It is also evident in David-Anthony arc, when they're in the cinema with Michelle, they got into fight because of a heated argument. Ashton brought them back to their senses in the aftermath.
Michelle WilliamsSun Wukong.Ruyi BangRuyi Bang, a telescoping smartmetal pole, can change its width and length at will (max length: 15 m, min length: 2 m).Her initial design was that of an eccentric person, and quite unpredictable.Perhaps she's also like Inggrid, like to ship men.
Zean LisanderThe Dream Caster, or The Sandman.OneirobotOneirobot is a swarm of utility sandlets.They could swarm into various shapes and forms as required or as commanded.They can also project holograms.

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