The Extrasensory perception and Psychokinesis Laboratory

Summary: "where we change the world step by step, under the guidance of our patron god, Lord Yam-Nahar." - Arwin

An organized insurgency group with the aim of toppling down current governmental system and then to set up a liberal-left anarchic society where normal humans and reflexiors can coexist.

"When magic was available for anyone to access, labor would no longer be required. People would no longer need to focus on how to procure materials, on how to process them, on how to deliver them to where it would be needed. People would then focus on their personal growth, of the limitless path of self-exploration and self-expression. True freedom, where they would not be bound by struggles just to stay alive," said Arwin.

Source: Chapter 2 of Book 1, The Boy from The Woods.


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