The Watchtower Foundation

Summary: An extragovermental organization comprised of reflexiors, that completely disregards jurisdictions of normal human governments.

Edit galleryThe traditional emblem of the Watchtower Foundation

The WTF stood for the Watchtower Foundation, an esoteric multi-species government-like organization. Its function was mainly to regulate the conducts of its members. Its members consisted of beings that were considered capable to bear the so-called "true person-hood." One of the requirements to bear true person-hood according to them was the ability to command the environment, instead of being enslaved by it.

Humans not capable of commanding the environment according to their will, or basically the remaining ninety nine percent of humanity, were considered feral to the WTF, and must be treated like any wild animals due to the lack of true person-hood. EPL, on the other hand, saw that all beings capable of free will, must be treated equally. Because of that, EPL was considered to be an organization that interferes with the welfare of feral humans, by introducing unnecessary unnatural intervention to the life of feral humans.

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