dr. Steven Pontirijaris, SpPD

Civ: Etoan's Earth Colonization Initiative Race: Eto Aucafidi Summary: An internist that ran Sejahtera Medica Clinic, also a husband of Helena Irawan.

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Steven Pontirijaris

Full Human Name (with titles)

dr. Steven Pontirijaris, SpPD


9 August 1985


Eto aucafidi



Alex Pontirijaris

Official Partner

Helena Irawan;


  1. David Pontirijaris ();
  2. Peter Pontirijaris ();
  3. Eden Pontirijaris ();
  4. Hayden Pontirijaris ()

Other Characteristics

IQ Score



Resident and co-owner of the Sejahtera Medica Clinic:)

KIA Position

Member of The Archangels

Steven Pontirijaris considered himself to be a half human etoan. He loved swimming and hiking, usually he wanted to experience them with authentic human experiences and limitations. He loved exotic etoan food such as stewed or fried miniature Cadviri chests, assorted etoan peanuts, etoan milkfruits, and various synthetic food templates available on his fabricator. His usual metric to judge worthiness of foods and consumables (especially human food) were:

He loved humanity, probably one of his favorite world. He studied medic to obtain recognitions among baselines, a hobby he could be proud of to increase his social standings. Married to Helena and be a father of four sons. His motivation was his family and friends, and their well-being.

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