Heinrich Potens

Civ: Reflexior Race: Heavenly Hosts Summary: A cold and pragmatic younger brother of Manov with proficiency in pyrokinesis and psychokinesis. His strength was in his brute force, but lacked precision. CharName: Heinrich Potens CharNick: Ein CharBD: September 2015 CharCode: Srivijaya

Ein's Data Panel
BirthdateSeptember 2015
Real NameHeinrich Potens
Code NameSrivijaya

Hendrik’s copy, a part of Trinity Compact as the security officer. He was exceptionally proficient at pyrokinesis and psychokinesis. Full of strength and brute force, strong-willed and persistent. His body was nearly equivalent in strength to Heavenly Hosts.

He was ruthless and indifferent in nature. Pragmatic and cautious in decision-making. His motivation was peace, he hated to be provoked, and wish to find some time for himself.

He was born on September 2015. The reason of his creation was because Hendrik was shocked by the politics of the undergraduate student organizations. Hendrik wanted a version of him that would be ruthless, and could defend himself, especially to know when to say no.

On around November 2015, he enrolled to the Angel Academy, where he studied hard to be the Angels, the police force of the Divine on mortal realms. There, he become the lecturer assistant of a great pyrokinesis instructor: Master Xiangyu. On around March 2019, he was graduated from the Academy and begins his internship as a Junior Associate of Master Xiangyu.

His personal arc was to protect Hendriks from danger, and to truly understand the rage inside him. His main obstacles were his rage, suppressed emotions, obsession to control, and his deep inability to really trust people.

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