Henokh Lisander

Civ: Humanity Race: Homo sapiens sapiens Summary: Chief Executive Officer of the DoC, Intelligence Agency. CharName: Henokh Lisander CharNick: Enoch CharBD: 10 October 1984 CharCode: Suharto

Enoch's Data Panel
Birthdate10 October 1984
Real NameHenokh Lisander
Code NameSuharto
SpouseSylvia Lusien
ChildrenZean Lisander; Callan Lusien
CousinDaniel Lusien; Derictor Wijaya
Joining Year2009
PositionChief Executive Officer of the DoC, Intelligence Agency.

Henokh Lisander enjoyed visits to the gym, martial art classes, and skin cares. He preferred to eat healthy food with a significant portion of beans and vegetables, and fresh boiled fishes, but he does not mind occasional pizza party. He disliked potato chips, and salted dried fishes. For drinks, he loved assorted vegetable juices, mango juices, but hated avocado. All of those were to be served without added sugars.

He wished solely on a better world of his idealistic imagery of a perfect society. Driven by his experience being persecuted as a member of a minority ethnicity and religion. In other worlds, he hated racism and society class separation/segregation. His motivation was to eliminate segregation of social classes and discrimination. His traits were stubborn, persistent, deterministic, and occasionally emotional when facing Aditya.

His personal arc was to meet and talk with Aditya, to ask him why he left him. His main obstacle was the fact that Aditya is an insurgent (supposedly antagonist), and he was in the supposedly protagonist side. Due to that he had some trouble with his loved ones, can not really focus on people who love him.

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