Civilizations of Interests

A civilization is a congregation of entities that mutually interact with each other and is characterized by its development of physical and social infrastructures, a form of government, and a common method (or multiple methods) of communication between each constituent entities. The means of which each constituent entities interact to each other, their rules of engagements, their form of physical and social infrastructures, their management of power in the form of a government or governments (or the absence of it), and their means of communication vary from one civilization to the other. This definition excludes solitary entities, and at the same time, includes sufficiently complex entities that they are comprised of many smaller entities such as an ant colony or even an entire solar system inhabited by a Power.

This group is dedicated to curate a list of pages under the group that describes individual civilizations of interests, in the meaning that they are relevant in the Xenomancy Universe Project.

Civilizations of Interests Listing

COI IDAlignmentSummary
AucafidianVarious A large body of various civilizations with a shared trait that their ancestry could be traced back to Planet Aucafidus
DenefasanChaotic Neutral Denefasan is a pro-biotech civilization originated from surviving members of a malfunctioning bioship that crashed in a rocky planet of a star system about twenty two thousand light-years from Biculus. Their distinctive features are their tendency to switch or change bodies at will or on demand. 
EtovexiriLawful Good Etovexiri civilization is a benevolent, highly permissive, and very progressive society known for its extensive, ubiquituous, and personal presence of its ruling Patron Kavretojives. It is said that in general there is one representative of Kavretojives for every a hundred to ten thousands of its subjects within its domain. 
HumanityLawful Evil Humanity is comprised of non-person human species native to Planet Earth 


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Structures of Articles

All articles written under this group must be descriptive in nature. That is, it must be able to at least describe the civilization in question at large, from the perspective of an outsider, or a foreign entity. It must consist of at least two components: a rule of engagements, and a description.

Rule of engagements would outline how one should generally behave should they find themselves in that particular civilization, with the aim of blending in or to learn more about said culture. If the aim is to blend in, it could either be in a way that the civilization in question wouldn't even notice that said foreigner is a foreign entity at all (a facade scenario), or in a manner that the status of the foreigner is openly admitted (a broken facade scenario). It doesn't have to be the extreme case of either of them, but rather a spectrum.

A description is to outline the civilization at large, particularly its member entities. Especially of their physical, biological, individual, and societal qualities. It must be able to describe said civilization in a manner that said civilization could be distinguished from other civilizations. The depth of its description could range from a simple sentence: "Earth, mostly harmless," to a comprehensive and detailed exploration of their societal and cultural diversity.

Other than those two core components, care must be taken to also include their general moral alignment toward a foreigner (for example, humanity is considered a lawful evil civilization), and their identification code (for the purpose of navigation in this wiki).


In accordance to the previous section, the following template is constructed for the convenience of the author:

'''CoI ID:''' Humanity

'''Moral Alignment:''' Chaotic Neutral

'''Rules of Engagement:''' Strictly facade scenario.

'''Description:''' Humans, mostly harmless.

Most of it could be generated automatically via the use of a Group Header that contains:

(:title COI {$Name}:)

'''COI ID:''' {$Name}

'''Moral Alignment:''' {$:Alignment} \\

Note that the use of said group header is the reason why a page directive:

must be included in this page.

A template page is to be made to contain:

(:Alignment: Text here:)
(:Summary: Text here:)
'''Rules of Engagement:''' Text.

'''Description:''' Text.

A summary must include a general description of said civilization in a single sentence.

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