Civilization: Humanity

COI ID: Humanity

Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil
Rules of Engagement: Any entity encountering a member or members of humanity must maintain a mundane appearance. The foreign nature of a visiting entity is allowed to be shared if inquired, though it is not encouraged to be announced. Excessive announcement of the foreign nature by said entity would result in an immediate intervention by the ruling entity of Earth, with a chance of permanent visa termination of said entity to visit Earth.

Preferred form of physical interaction with the use of a sufficiently human-like body is advised, though the use of virtual profiles to interact with them is possible. Written correspondence and auditory interaction within the sonic frequency range of 20Hz to 200kHz is encouraged.

A physical human-like body is required to engage with certain activities such as physical sports, social gathering, and courtship, though it is no longer a necessity with the advent of their rudimentary virtual worlds that allow activities such as virtual sports, virtual social gathering, and virtual courtships.

Description: Humanity is a civilization of feral non-person variant of Homo sapiens sapiens that can be found in all continents of Planet Earth. They are currently in the beginning of nuclear era in term of energy utilization, despite relying heavily on the use of fossil fuels. In term of information technology advancement, they are in the beginning of a mature information industry, and is currently pursuing machine learning and quantum computing. Early infancy of applied nanotechnology could be observed, and universal fabricator is present albeit relatively crude. Their medical science is relatively mature, and is on the verge of advanced genetic engineering.

Socially, they are known to enjoy the company of other human beings, with some notable exceptions of non-neurotypicals. The core of their society is built from familial, fraternal, and/or adoptive relationship that they call nuclear family, that influenced how they are raised and supported, both physically and emotionally. Other than engaging with their nuclear family membres, they also engage with each other in a diverse array of interest groups, exploring the fields such as science, politics, arts, entertainments, and religions. A notable shift is noted in recent years from physical social engagements to virtual social engagements.

Some observers noted a huge surge of interest to notable asian individuals of Homo sapiens, otherwise known as Idols. A large body of entertainment media is populated with descriptions and speculations of what those notable individuals do and engage themselves to. Though not often, some of those notable individuals even engage with their followers (also known as fans) via the use of live streaming that utilizes their mature information technology.

Humanity is currently under supervision of a ruling body known as the Divine Council of Earth, whose jurisdiction spans to the entire Earth and its immediate vicinity up to cis-lunar region. Their societal and technological developments are under observation, and major disturbances are not permitted by the ruling body. Therefore a non-mandatory encouraged facade is to be observed by all visiting entities wishing to keep their Earth visa.

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