COI Denefasan

COI ID: Denefasan

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Rules of Engagement: Any entity happen to find themselves within the volume of Denefasan is relatively safe as long as they are not actively destroying local wildlife other than the purpose of sustenance. If an entity performed an active attempt to eliminate local wildlife for reasons other than sustenance purposes, the surrounding local life would fight back in a coordinated manner to eliminate and denature said aggressor.

Description: Denefasan is a pro-biotech civilization originated from surviving members of a malfunctioning bioship that crashed in a rocky planet of 40 Eridani A star system about twenty thousand years ago. Life within said bioship survived the impact and conducted aucaforming on the surface of a planet now known as Planet Denefas. The planet was made into a lush gardenworld with wildlife designed to serve the surviving members on demand. Every animals except the bodies of survivors on the planet larger than about a meter in size possessed a series of relatively unprotected skin near their spinal chord.

The survivors (today known as Denefasan) modified their body in a manner that their form factor resembled a large centipede on Earth, with thirty three body segments and pairs of legs in total. Whenever required, a denefasan would climb up to a suitable animal and position their legs on the unprotected skin pores of said animal, and puncture through the areas directly toward the host's spinal chord. The mandibles on their head segment would connect to the base of the host's brain and injected a signal that would turn off higher cognitive functions of the host. The host then entered a controlled mode, where their senses and bodies were relayed to the attached Denefasan, and the attached Denefasan would relay back motor instructions toward the nerve endings of their legs connected to the host's spinal cord.

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