Fernando Suryantara

Civ: Humanity Race: Homo sapiens sapiens Summary: Xe: A physician anesthesiologists that is a best friend of Steven, Daniel, and Helena; In: Just an ordinary general physician with no close friends. CharName: Fernando Suryantara CharNameT: dr. Fernando Suryantara, SpB CharNick: Sun CharBD: 11 Mei 1985 CharCode: CharHeight: 178 cm CharWeight: 63 kg CharIQ: 161

Sun's Data Panel


Fernando Suryantara

Full Name (with titles)

dr. Fernando Suryantara, SpB


11 Mei 1985


Homo sapiens sapiens


  1. Bartholomeus Suryantara
  2. (undetermined mother)


  1. 강해인 (romanization: Kang Hae-In)
  2. 양승민 (romanization: Yang Seung-Min)

Other Characteristics

IQ Score







  • Was Military Doctor of the Indonesia's National Army (TNI);
  • A talent under KMMTV management
  • Resident at the Sejahtera Clinic

KIA Position

Member of The Archangels

Fernando is the first one among his extended family to study abroad. And he is a member of the HD Club.

Fernando Suryantara enjoys visit to gym, martial art classes, and swimming. He has no qualms on about any food, generally describing himself as an omnivore, but given choice he always prefers authentic japanese food, not cooked, especially sashimi. Usually with an inhumane portion (relative to his friends) of wasabi. He even enjoyed eating wasabi by itself. For drinks, he loves tea and milk, he can even discriminate the taste of different teas and milks with stunning accuracy.

His hobby, is also in automobile and motorbikes. He was surprised to know that Steven's great grandpa also knew a lot about the topic, along with a firm grasp of various martial art styles. In term of fellow automobile and motorbike enthusiasts, and fellow practitioners of martial arts, he and Ashton are best buddies.

An avid biker as well, he explored many parts of Surabaya. So apparently, assuming that:

Fernando would have about 25 km (averaged, `(18+29)/2`) route a day biking. It would include a sight of 10 meters for each sides, therefore the width of his viewing range would be 20 m. This equals ` 20 m * 25 km = 0.02 km & 25 km = 0.5 km^2 ` a day. Every day, he'd explore about `0.1 km^2` of new terrains. Therefore, he'd explore Surabaya in 3748 days. That is 10 years, 3 months, and 4 days (approx).

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