Section:The Red Thread of Fate
Summary:Bert and Ben came to remember their past life as Ah-ping and Yun-fei. It wasn't pretty, as they were chased away that the only escape was through suicide.

Title: Memories Part: The Red Thread of Fate ChNum: 2 Summary: Bert and Ben came to remember their past life as Ah-ping and Yun-fei. It wasn't pretty, as they were chased away that the only escape was through suicide.

That night, Ben and Bert were having a dream. It was not just a singular dream, they both dreamed the same dream, of different perspectives. In their dream, Ben was Chen Yun Fei, and Bert was Lee Ah Ping.

Lee Ah Ping and Chen Yun Fei managed to escape from a building. Men with tuxedos chased them, and they stole a car. A number of cars were chasing them, and gunshots could be heard. Some bikes were able to go near, and Chen Yun Fei managed to touch some of them. Those that are touched lost their balance and fell, they're hallucinating.

The chase continued, until someone came in front of them, clasping his hands hard. The car Chen Yun Fei and Lee Ah Ping rode disappeared, and they fell to the ground. The man approached them, but a giant babirusa came and threw the man away.

The babirusa looked at Chen Yun Fei and Lee Ah Ping, and it approached. Chen Yun Fei and Lee Ah Ping ran away, and turned someone that was about to enter a car into somnambulism, and took his car. Then a barrage of shots were chasing them, and high above the sky was a young woman, flying, with a bunch of giant stones floating around. A stone came into her focus, and it rapidly disassembled into high velocity projectiles, shooting toward a running car.

Lee Ah Ping, not currently driving, aimed his palm at the woman, and she fell to the ground. Lee Ah Ping returned to the car, zooming away to the interstates. The woman managed to recover her power near the ground, and a great crack formed to the ground beneath her, as she pushed everything away to slow her fall.

In the car, Lee Ah Ping and Chen Yun Fei held hands, and Chen Yun Fei told him that she arranged a meeting with an argon gas supplier. Chen Yun Fei explained that their previous suicide method often cause enormous pain, and she wanted her death at this cycle to be painless, as they suffered a lot already. In their previous cycle, Chen Yun Fei was Zhang Kim Fa, and Lee Ah Ping was Liong In Chuang. Cornered, with no foreseeable future, Zhang Kim Fa believed that they would fight together until the end, but Liong In Chuang betrayed him, by killing himself. Chen Yun Fei told Lee Ah Ping, as Zhang Kim Fa, suddenly the world was torn apart, and he felt emptiness. Imagine, suddenly your loved one was drop dead, no matter how many times he called, his love wouldn't answer. That ultimate horror, took away his sanity, and he killed himself too with the same gun. That is why, in this incarnation, Chen Yun Fei decided to use a pain free suicide method, and they'd be in it together. Lee Ah Ping agreed, apologized as an incarnation of Liong In Chuang, and they headed to the industrial zone.

After taking the argon gas tank, they head to the countryside. To avoid pursuit, they stopped in an interstate mart. Chen Yun Fei induced somnambulism on a customer, and brought him in. Then she turned the tender into a hallucination session, and they moved the gas tank to the customer's car.

They left the interstate, only to be chased by an army led by Juan Muerte, the guy that can cause things to disappear. As a wave of disappearance approached their car, Lee Ah Ping concentrated and his radius of normalcy expanded beyond the car, causing an abrupt return to normalcy.

As Juan continued to shoot them with more disappearance field lines, Lee Ah Ping pulled his bow and with a stunt, shot three arrows lined with special metals toward Juan. It wasn't aimed for Juan, but they were lodged in the cars. Juan tries to launch another disappearance field attack, but apparently it doesn't work, as Lee Ah Ping's blood in his arrows produces a short-ranged normalcy field.

Then there was a bunch of cars from behind Juan's army, shooting them. Some cars fled off road, and some explosion could be heard, as military cars were destroying Juan's army one by one. Some military copters came by and attacked the Juan's army. Then some military cars were flown away by unknown forces, and some of the military copters fled and crash landed ahead of Lee Ah Ping and Chen Yun Fei's car.

A woman landed far ahead, and destroyed the road by a movement. Lee Ah Ping concentrated again, and refocused his normalcy field ahead, and the roads returned to normalcy. The woman step aside before she's crushed by the car. Then an arrow was shot by Lee Ah Ping, it pierced through the woman's leg, and she lost her power. She can only gaze at the widening gap between her and the car.

After some distance away, Lee Ah Ping and Chen Yun Fei stopped in the middle of a tunnel, where a service boy happened to just left the tunnel's maintenance room. Chen Yun Fei came out and induced somnambulism on him, and led him to open the door again for them. They entered, and descended far down, to a small confined room within. She put the maintenance boy to sleep, and Lee Ah Ping dropped the tank nearby.

They took their time, gazing at one another, and tears started to form. They knew they'd be found eventually, they're just not lucky in this lifetime. They'd be doing what they've been doing in many lifetimes already, that they couldn't remember how it all starts. They've been chased away for many lifetimes, only to be taken and be forced to do things they dislike, and they couldn't meet each other.

Their dreams are simple, to live a peaceful life, together. They couldn't fulfill that in this lifetime, so they need to find better luck in the next cycle. Lee Ah Ping opened the valve of the tank, and they kissed, cried, hugged, as the argon gas filled the room. The service boy fell unconscious first, as he's sitting by the corner. It took some time after, and Lee Ah Ping and Chen Yun Fei fell unconscious as well, with their last memories being together, loving one another, in each other's grasp.

Ben woke up with sweats, and the feeling of emptiness dawned again. It was him, that man in his dream, Lee Ah Ping, that he had been waiting for. It was the most vivid, intense dream he had, and he knew he just met his lost love, that he is sure never been in his life before. Not in this life anyway.

Bert woke up and tried to recollect what he saw in his dream, someone that he loved. He could not make up the face of that person, he could only recollect the feelings he felt around that person. The one that he felt just this morning, in the class that he taught.

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