A New Cycle

Section:The Red Thread of Fate
Summary:What remains of the MTF Alpha-47 "Samsara" forces were preparing for a new cycle.

Title: A New Cycle Part: The Red Thread of Fate ChNum: 4 Summary: What remains of the MTF Alpha-47 "Samsara" forces were preparing for a new cycle.

Note: in this part, Sgt. Chandra, is now 60 years old, and has been promoted into a Colonel. Currently the head of the Department of Normalcy, Global Foundation of Esotericism. Pvt. Haein, is now 54 years old, and has been promoted into a Lt. Colonel. Haein is Chandra's second in command.

Col. Chandra was all wet when he found himself on the couch of his ready room. Not only was his body wet with sweats, his face was also wet with tears and mucus. He found himself panting, and an intense pressure could be felt on his chest. The next thing he heard was his own cry, and the noise made by Lt. Colonel Kang Haein as he barged in.

"Hyeong!" shouted Haein.

Col. Chandra can only hear himself coughing hard, and his palm grasped and pressurized his chest.

"Gwaenchanh ni, hyeongje! Are you okay?" Haein said.

Haein's handkerchief wiped Col. Chandra's tears, while Haein's arm supported and repositioned Col. Chandra's body to the couch. Col. Chandra held Haein's other arm that was wiping his face, and tried to recollect himself. Their gaze meets.

"Hyeong, are you okay?"

"Khobkhun nah. Thank you, Nong Haein. I am okay."

Col. Chandra gazed around the room, he must be sleeping slightly deeper than a short nap he originally planned. Haein offered him a glass of water, that he gulped away in seconds. He started to talk as Haein took the glass and put it back to the desk.

"I dreamed of Nong Mich, again."

There was silence.

There was a bang, as Sgt. Pride Loudgulf barged in.

"Colonel, a Vishnu is detected!"

There was another silence.

Sgt. Pride's gaze trailed to Haein.

"Colonel Haein, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you're in a meeting."

"That's okay, Sergeant. Carry on," said Col. Chandra.

Sgt. Pride affixed his gaze to Col. Chandra again.

"A Vishnu is detected in the University of Surabaya, Sir. Allow me to hand you this report," said Sgt. Pride.

Col. Chandra gestured to put the report to his desk.

"You're dismissed," said Col. Chandra.

Sgt. Pride left the room after giving them a salute.

The gaze of Col. Chandra and Lt. Colonel Haein caught each other again.

"It is starting again," said Haein.

Col. Chandra nodded.

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