Telepresence is one of many ways etoan communicate remotely with one another. In simple terms, telepresence is like video calling on steroids. Audio and visual stimuli are not the only thing transferred in between callers. Entire sceneries and objects on either side of the call, be it in audio, visual, tactile, olfactory, or kinesthetic information, could be recreated with a high level of accuracy.

At the lowest level, such recreation is not very resource intensive. Audio and visual stimuli could directly be beamed to the eyes and ears of the user. Olfactory stimuli could be recreated by direct stimulation of the olfactory bulb. Tactile stimuli could be delivered via interaction of utility fog directly with the skin surface. Kinesthetic senses could be fooled by setting an absurdly advanced treadmill that translated every locomotive movements into the virtual recreation of the scenery.

The level of recreation may be as simple as projecting only the caller or the callee right in front of the user, or by recreating sceneries of one party, both, neither, or even in an entirely virtual realm of their choosing.

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