Hornet Class Transport Vehicle

Item #: SEC-2650

Object Class: Seraph

SECName: Hornet Class Transport Vehicle Class: Seraph Summary: Hornet Class Transport Vehicle is an autonomous sentient vehicle capable of flight with ~4000 kg of payload capacity.

Wasp and Hornet vehicles concept draft
Wasp and Hornet vehicles concept draft

Directions of Use: SEC-2650 accept multimodal commanding modes, ranging from voice commands to manual control with multitude of levers and command panels.

Description: SEC-2650 is an autonomous semi-independent VTOL vehicle equipped with active optical array-powered visual camouflage system and equipped with nanofabric actuators outer casing.

Specification: Similar to Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

General characteristics

Capacity:24 passengers plus attendant / 4,490 kg (9,899 lb)
Length:16.79 m (55 ft 1 in) fuselage
 18.7 m (61 ft) rotor turning
Height:4.97 m (16 ft 4 in)
Empty weight:4,660 kg (10,274 lb)
Max takeoff weight:9,150 kg (20,172 lb)
Powerplant:2 ` \times` Decaturbine Arrays, 1,376 kW (1,845 hp) each
Decaturbine Arrays area:206.12 m2 (2,218.7 sq ft)


Cruise speed:277 km/h (172 mph, 150 kn) max,
 247 km/h (153 mph; 133 kn) econ.
Never exceed speed:327 km/h (203 mph, 177 kn)
Range:851 km (529 mi, 460 nmi)
Service ceiling:5,180 m (16,990 ft)
Rate of climb:7.4 m/s (1,460 ft/min)

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