Oneiric Protocol Ship Type E

Item #: SEC-0715

Object Class: Ophanim

SECName: Oneiric Protocol Ship Type E Class: Ophanim Summary: Oneiric Protocol Ship Type E is a type of fully electric and autonomous aircraft carrier with a similar dimension and displacement to the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Data Panel
Class and type:Leviathan-class aircraft carrier
Displacement:About 100,000 tonnes
Length:333 m - 337 m
Beam:41 m (waterline)
 78 m (flight deck)
Height:nearly 76 m
Installed power:32 pcs of 100 MW rated SEC-2514 instances
Propulsion:Four shafts
Speed:in excess of 60 km/h (216 m/s)
Range:Unlimited, ~100 years
Complement:~4600 (including air wing)
Sensors and processing system:9 units of Multiplexed Wide-ranged Phased Array Imaging and Ranging (MW-PAIR)
Armament:Surface-to-air missiles:
 2 ` \times ` SEC-0792 counter supersonic manouvering anti-ship missiles launchers
 2 ` \times ` SEC-0913 lightweight surface-to-air missiles
 4 ` \times ` point defense 10 GW phased array corundumoid diodes
 4 ` \times ` 300 GJ SOAR-Cannon
 24 ` \times ` SEC-7520 humanoid aitronics
Aircraft carried:72+
Aviation facilities:333 m ` \times ` 78 m flight deck

Directions of Use: New visitors (hereinafter referred as SEC-0715-A) are to be inoculated with Type-C antimeme counteragent prior to the embarkment to SEC-0715, or a daily dose of 250mg Class-W mnestic when the antimeme counteragent is ineffective. SEC-0715-A is to be accompanied with a resident (hereinafter referred as SEC-0715-B) at all times prior to introduction to SEC-0715. Failure to introduce SEC-0715-A to the SEC-0715 will result in immediate termination by SEC-0715's autonomous defense system should any SEC-0715-A instances leave the proximity of the SEC-0715-B instance that invited them in.

Upon introduction to SEC-0715, SEC-0715-A would then be reassigned as SEC-0715-C for a probation of 40 (forty) days, where they would resume their status as SEC-0715-A unless SEC-0715 is either instructed by the chief of SEC-0715-B or deemed by SEC-0715 itself to be suitable for a reclassification into SEC-0715-B.

The chief of SEC-0715-B is authorized to alter the course and aim of SEC-0715, or to assign mission for SEC-0715 to accomplish. The order given by SEC-0715-B to SEC-0715 can only be overridden by a command from the SEC Headquarter.

The rest of SEC-0715-B population is to maintain and operate components of SEC-0715 to ensure its operation and to assist it in its missions.

Description: Oneiric Protocol Ship Type E is a type of fully electric and autonomous aircraft carrier with a similar dimension and displacement to the USS Gerald R. Ford. Its main use is to patrol the international waters on behalf of the Securion Group's interest, and to assist in operations conducted by either the Securion Group or the Intelligence Agency. It is equipped with AMCA for camouflage, and is powered by 32 (thirty two) instances of SEC-2514.

72 (seventy two) Aerial Electric Vehicles are stationed within that can be deployed as necessary. 49 (forty nine) of them are Wasp-Class Aerial Electric Vehicles, while the remaining 23 (twenty three) of them are Hornet-Class Aerial Electric Vehicles.

Specification: Technical specification of the object is provided at the data panel.

Addendum 0715-A: There are currently 44 (fourty four) SEC-0715 instances in service around the globe. The following is an incomplete list of SEC-0715 instances:

NameLaid downLaunchedChristenedCommissionedHomeportMottoStatus
OPS Kavretojives13 November 200923 September 201219 November 20124 March 2013Eastern Adelaide CoastThat's probably not a big dealin active service
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