Object Classes

SCP Foundation's object classes system refer on whether or not an object can be contained. It ranges from safe class, that is relatively easy to contain, to euclid class with its unpredictability in containment reliability, keter class that is very hard to contain as it can easily escape containment, to thaumiel class that is impossible to contain.

However, Securion Equipment Catalogue is not focused on containment, therefore the classification system of the SCP Foundation held no value for SEC. Therefore a suitable classification system must be made with the focus on categorizing items catalogued in the SEC database. We may derive inspiration from SCP's object classes, but we can't copy them verbatim.

Classification of Operation

This is an attempt to describe the class of an object listed in the SEC database, based on the intended use of said object. It is focused on the operandi of the object's usage. Therefore, the size or power of the object doesn't matter for this classification system.

Ranging from the most dependent to the most independent, are the following classification:

  1. Cherub-Class Object: for any object that requires directives or orders from the user to be able to perform its function.
  2. Seraph-Class Object: for any object that function and make decisions independently from the user to perform high-level order or directive, or a set of them.
  3. Ophanim-Class Object: for any object that is completely self-sufficient, self-maintaining, independent, and occasionally be the one that make orders or directives according to a predefined set of functions or intents.

The classification system is broad enough, and simple enough to understand. When encountering a possible ambiguity or a borderline case, always adopt a pessimistic approach: always assign the second most dependent class among the suspected lists. We can always change to a more independent class later if they're more independent than anticipated.

We don't need a more detailed classification, as we don't want the classification system to diversify and branching out.

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