Securion Equipment Catalogue

Securion Equipment Catalogue or SEC is a catalogue of equipment produced by enterprises under the Securion Enterprises Cooperative. They are catalogued into a string of four numbers, that are not assigned sequentially. Each entry of the catalogue is supplied with at least a Directions of Use, a Description, and a Specification section.


Create a new entry: SEC-3681

SEC-0715Oneiric Protocol Ship Type E is a type of fully electric and autonomous aircraft carrier with a similar dimension and displacement to the USS Gerald R. Ford. 
SEC-2273A Soargun rifle, originally S.O.A.R-gun, stands for Securion Operative Aluminium-projectiled Railgun, that, as the name suggests, produced a beam of high velocity aluminium projectile. 
SEC-2650Hornet Class Transport Vehicle is an autonomous sentient vehicle capable of flight with ~4000 kg of payload capacity. 

Guide to the SEC's Object Classes:

Ranging from the most dependent to the most independent, are the following classification:

  1. Cherub-Class Object: for any object that requires directives or orders from the user to be able to perform its function.
  2. Seraph-Class Object: for any object that function and make decisions independently from the user to perform high-level order or directive, or a set of them.
  3. Ophanim-Class Object: for any object that is completely self-sufficient, self-maintaining, independent, and occasionally be the one that make orders or directives according to a predefined set of functions or intents.