Species: Infomorphos barongformes

Summary: Barong is a race of Volants native to Paramundus Jagadpadang. They are highly respected benevolent spirits, and rarely attacks unprovoked.

Barong Ket Concept Art
Barong Ket Illustration.


Physical Traits

Barongs can be distinguished with their distinctive horn in their forehead, and beneath it, in between their eyebrows, a hexagonal mirror. Their eyes were glowing alternating concentric bands of various colors.

Sometimes seen with armor coatings, usually gold-colored plates, covering the shoulder, the back, and sometimes the head. Piercing can be seen in some individuals, but mostly prefer to not use any piercing. They are most often found naked, with no accessories attached.


Barong's personality tend to be childlike, playful and highly curious. They love to experiment and to play, often found to prank their bands. Despite their mischevious behavior, they are caring to each other, and would be distressed if one of their band members sustained serious injuries.

Usually friendly toward strangers, they often asked strangers to play with them. They love to be patted and cuddles with each other or even with a friendly stranger. However, at the very first sign of threat, they'd not be hesitant to be aggressive.

They are omnivorous, and are hunter-gatherers. They rarely stay in one place, and would roam about to find good edible materials, be they animate or vegetative. However, due to their friendly nature, they rarely eat live animals, most often corpses or aggressive animals.

Social Structures

They are often found in bands of two to four, rarely up to ten. All adult members of the bands are always of the same gender, with some very rare exceptions. The bands are for life.

When two different bands of different genders meet, they may perform ritualistic fight in between the two bands. If they're happy with their ritual opponents, they'd mate with the members of the opposite gender. Afterwards the mixed bands would spend some time hunting or socializing together. Then they will part into separate ways.

The Bearer band would then give birth to their offsprings and raises them. Once their offsprings reach adulthood, the Seeders would leave the band to form a new band. Those of the Bearer gender stay in their parent band. When the parent Bearer band grew too big or approaching ten members, where they would split into smaller bands.

When encountering another band or bands of the same gender, they'd often socialize with them, spending some time as a mixed band. After some time they'd part ways, and rarely, some members of the bands swapped between the two or more bands.

Despite having two different genders, there's little difference in traits in between the two genders. The only difference is their ability to donate genetic information. The genetic information donors are the seeders, and the genetic information recipients are the Bearer. The Bearer bear the children and raises them.

Native Environment

Being in volant-space, they're native to the domain of a virtual world known as Paramundus Jagadpadang. If a manent inhabitant were to visit the paramundus, it would present itself as a large, relatively flat savana.

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