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antimemetic camo

I would like to have a page for an antimemetic camo, but how should we describe it? Especially on what to name it. I was thinking of the following candidates:

The thing is when I want to describe it, I just know that it is applied as some sort of

- Hendrik 20 May, 2021, at 10:45 AM WIB

Okay, apparently according to this source, there are two kinds of amnesia. According to a transcript of the site:

The two main types of amnesia are anterograde and retrograde.

People with anterograde amnesia have trouble making new memories after the onset of amnesia. People with retrograde amnesia have trouble accessing memories from before the onset of amnesia.

These two types of amnesia can coexist in the same person, and often do.

This page described four types of amnesia:

We can safely assume that a controlled use of antimeme might cause a similar effect to the former two types of amnesia. Therefore those forms of amnesia might be the effect of exposure to an antimeme.

To define the antimeme itself, we might start with its properties. It is a kind of information that cannot be retained in one's thought. It could also be described to be a piece of information with self-censoring properties.

The effect is described to be self-containing if it only affects information regarding of itself. If the effect also influences other forms of information it interact with, then it is an absorptive antimeme. If the effect can be transmitted from one being to another, either via direct interaction with the infected entity or symbolic exchanges of information, then it is a self-replicating antimeme.

The onset of its effect might be immediate, delayed, or progressive. Immediate onset occurs when one instantly unable to recognize that antimeme. Delayed onset is when at first, one can learn and retain memories about the antimeme, but after the delay ends, they might fail to retain it. Progressive onset is when, since the exposure of that antimeme, one gradually loses details about the antimeme in their memories.

That alone makes several types of antimeme.

- Hendrik 20 May, 2021, at 11:57 AM WIB

Now we may talk about the limitations of any antimeme in Xenomancy Universe. Unlike in the SCP Foundation universe, Xenomancy Universe is a very material universe, and everything works in a non-anomalous way. That means that anything, no matter how obscure the mechanism is, can be learned and studied (in-universe), or is based on existing, known scientific concepts (for authors).

The propagation of antimeme is limited to the fact that it is exploiting existing information processing infrastructures. It resides only in one's thoughts, though it may also be ascribed to a symbolic media, such as in a writing, a drawing, or a conversation. Therefore it cannot affect non-living beings, unless the infected being performed an action to said non-living beings.

Think of it more like a computer virus, than a biological virus. It is only active when it is being observed by a thinking being, otherwise it holds no power.

- Hendrik 20 May, 2021, at 12:11 PM WIB

An interesting piece of reading could be found here.

- Hendrik 20 May, 2021, at 01:50 PM WIB