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This is the main list of pages in the Main group. Pages within this cover should cover all shared concepts among the entire Xenomancy Universe. Except for special groups such as Characters, groups of interests, et cetera, that should be in their respective groups.

AMCAAntimeme Camouflage Array (or simply AMCA) is an array of device or devices arranged specifically to initiate and maintain multimodal propagation of an antimeme agent, or a multitude of them. 
AntimemeIn short, an antimeme is a unit of idea or clusters of information that is non-replicating in nature. 
AucafidusAucafidus is a trojan planet located on L4 point of Subralis (HD 28185 b). Both Aucafidus and Subralis orbits a main sequence star HD 28185 (also known as HIP 20723 or SAO 149631), or locally known as Biculus
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ConductorComputerized Organotronic with Neodymium-based Calculation Core, or a Conductor for short, is a device that allows people to communicate with the surrounding reflexium particles like any natural mages
Digital Domain CoreDigital Domain Core or more commonly Negentropic Brain is the brain of Kuker Corporation's Kolega Robots (colloquially: "robots"). 
EtonetThe Etonet is a global system of interconnected networks with a shared protocol to communicate between etoan computing substrates on Earth
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Negentropic BrainDigital Domain Core or more commonly Negentropic Brain is the brain of Kuker Corporation's Kolega Robots (colloquially: "robots"). 
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Rerum Flexius LaminaRFL Network, a sophisticated, invasive, elusive, and ubiquitous network that is practically indistinguishable from magic. 
SECSecurion equipment catalogue database 
SVRASA Sperry-Vhisnu Reality Anchor System (SVRA System) is a system designed to normalize anomalies in its vicinity. 
TelepresenceTelepresence is one of many ways etoan communicate remotely with one another. 
The ListThe term "The List" refers to a list Hendrik discovered in his investigation of unknown deaths of a number of people. 
Xe-1Redirect to Book 1 wikigroup's main page. 
Xe-2 OutlineThe story about how a conflict in Integra resulted in Hendrik's discovery of a kill list in the real world
Xe-3 OutlineAfter the Integra incident, El returned to the Divine Council, taking over the Throne, and again, the Second Age of Gods dawned. 

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