The Etonet is a global system of interconnected networks with a shared protocol to communicate between etoan computing substrates on Earth. It is essentially etoan analog for The Internet, although it is separate, independent, and vaster. It is run with the help of RFL Network as its backend, according to the agreement between The Divine Council of Earth and the Etoan Earth Colonization Initiative.

The technology used by RFL, however, is slightly different from typical infrastructures found by civilized star systems in the celestial neighborhood of Sol. It is out of date by about twenty thousand years. However outdated the system is, it is more than sufficient to supply basic needs of etoans on Earth.

Etoan on Earth heavily utilizes this network to connect with their technologies, and each other. They do so in a far more intimate manner than a human's dependency with their smartphones. The network is a real part of them and their everyday life, and is also the reason why humans can't utilize stray etoan tech, ranging from their attires, fabricators, tablets, and even their furniture and houses.

Detaching themselves from their tech, is the same as dropping a civilized human into the wilderness, naked, vulnerable, and isolated.

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