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I shamelessly lifted up and adapted the intro from my google sites page. Hendrik 04 May, 2021, at 11:03 AM WIB

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No more questions for now.

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Transcendental characters

For transcendental characters, we have to reconsider the "domain" column. Is it really necessary? Couldn't we just use COI (Civilization of Interest) designation? Besides, if we're referring to the Powers on Earth, we can just mention their supposed domain in the description. - Hendrik April 23, 2021, at 06:45 PM

Merging Integra, Xenomancy, and Transcendental character lists

On another thought, why don't we just use the same list for Xenomancy and Integra characters if most of them are practically identical? So only one pages, the page name doesn't have to be cluttered with Of Xenomancy and Of Integra thingy. Besides, we only need to tell how they differs in each version, instead of a separate page for each of them.

It was made on my first days in PmWiki, but today, I already know about advanced features, such as anchors. Anchors should be used instead for that, as it also helps us to refer to them. Examples for anchoring had been demonstrated in MTF Samsara page, where we can refer to the 1993 version and 2027 version. - Hendrik April 28, 2021, at 02:19 PM

Merging character tables done

Finally worth noting that the old table structures are deprecated. I will put it here for archival purposes.

Old deprecated table structures

Xenomancy Characters

Hendrik LieMain Hendrik of this universe. Has two more clones, and is capable of generating up to four shadows of his soul.
Fernando Suryantara Of XenomancyFernando in Xenomancy.
Daniel Lusien Of XenomancyDaniel.

Integra Characters

NameSoul TypeDescription
Hendrik LieBrahmaA science fiction author, with a habit of writing dream journals for his inspiration in worldbuilding and story creation.
Tere LuxuryFreudCould be described as people person, easily connect with other people. She used it to her benefits, by selling what she had to sell to them.

Transcendental Characters

This section is for characters that weren't duplicated like Xenomancy and Integra.

Lord Yam-NaharPowers - Sea, Ocean, Primordial ChaosTraditionally known as the God of the Sea, while his main domain is in Chaotic System, and Pattern Management/Manipulation.
Lord Baal-HadadPowers - Weather, Order, Solar EnergyTraditionally known as the God of the Weather, while his main domain is in Power Management.
Barong KetParamundus JagadpadangA lion-like volant with expertise in inter-realm conflict management.
Barong MacanParamundus JagadpadangA tiger-like volant with expertise in inter-realm conflict management.
Barong BangkalParamundus JagadpadangA babirusa-like volant with expertise in inter-realm conflict management.
Daniel AshtonXenomancyAn etoan.
Steven PontirijarisXenomancyAn etoan.

- Hendrik April 28, 2021, at 04:44 PM

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