Andre Tjahaya Purnama

Civ: Humanity Race: Homo sapiens sapiens Summary: A playful and strong man, but somewhat calm and charismatic. He loved board games. CharName: Andre Tjahaya Purnama CharNick: Andre CharBD: June 29, 1986 CharCode: Empat CharGender: Male CharIQ: 148 CharHeight: 185 cm CharRole: KIA-MTF-Psi-72 CharAlias: Andre; Kao (by Chandra)

Andre's Data Panel
Real NameAndre Tjahaya Purnama
Code NameEmpat
AliasAndre; Kao (by Chandra)
BirthdateJune 29, 1986
IQ Score148
Height185 cm

He is huge, being 185cm tall. Chandra called him Kao, or a mountain, because Anderson is sometimes called Andre as well. Playful and strong, but somewhat calm and charismatic. He is a good tactician, and love board games.

He enlisted to the IA in year 2009.

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