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An illustration of Kavretojives
An illustration of Kavretojives

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Project Xenomancy is not a story. It is a setting, a world to build upon, and plenty of settings for various stories. Xenomancy is a fictional world with strong leaning of scientific accuracy. Its genre is a softer hard fiction, not as hard as diamond, but sufficiently hard as the creator could comprehend.

This is the project home for the Xenomancy Universe Project. It is a work in progress, that I will fill in my spare time.


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Xe-3 OutlineAfter the Integra incident, El returned to the Divine Council, taking over the Throne, and again, the Second Age of Gods dawned. 
TelepresenceTelepresence is one of many ways etoan communicate remotely with one another. 
Rerum Flexius LaminaRFL Network, a sophisticated, invasive, elusive, and ubiquitous network that is practically indistinguishable from magic. 
AntimemeIn short, an antimeme is a unit of idea or clusters of information that is non-replicating in nature. 
AMCAAntimeme Camouflage Array (or simply AMCA) is an array of device or devices arranged specifically to initiate and maintain multimodal propagation of an antimeme agent, or a multitude of them. 
SECSecurion equipment catalogue database 
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Xenomancy as a stage means almost nothing without any story taking place within. The best way for us to explore a constructed fictional world is to be within. Since a constructed fictional world is not a place we could physically visit, we must use a medium, where the world could be delivered inside our thoughts. And the usual medium of transmitting the idea of other worlds we've never visited before is via storytelling.

For Book 1 through Book 3, you can get more information here:

  1. Book 1: We apologize for the inconveniences. Alternatively, read here.
  2. Book 2: The Oneironauts.
  3. Book 3: The Divine Council of Earth.


Characters interact with the story settings, and in doing so, building story plots. A story will certainly contain characters, because that is what we love to do: hear what the characters are doing in a story.

For list of characters and their brief description, check this page. Or you could check the list below:

Characters List
Daniel AshtonA grandfather of Steven, also a schoolmate of David, Hendrik, and Anthony (not concurrently), and an avatar of Kavretojives. 
Heinrich PotensA cold and pragmatic younger brother of Manov with proficiency in pyrokinesis and psychokinesis. His strength was in his brute force, but lacked precision. 
Hendrik LieXe: A master of law that practices lawyer profession, also an officer of Bureau of Sanity Welfare under the Watchtower Foundation and a member of KIA's task force "Nine Tailed Fox"; In: A master of notary that practices lawyer profession, also an aspiring author of Xenomancy Universe Project franchise, and a Brahma Soul
Daniel LusienXe: An orthopaedic surgeon that is a best friend of Steven, Fernando, and Helena; In: A professor in the fields of Epidemiology, Surgery, and Orthopaedics at a local university, also a husband of Helena Irawan. 
Fernando SuryantaraXe: A physician anesthesiologists that is a best friend of Steven, Daniel, and Helena; In: Just an ordinary general physician with no close friends. 


Groups of Interests

For Groups of Interests, you can obtain more informations here. Or you can check the recently updated GOI entries below:

Groups of Interests
KIA's MTF Gamma-42 "Four Horsemen"A task force of KIA, dedicated for protecting civilians against non-normal threats. 
Fibonacci Task ForceA group of voluntary heroes comprised of David, Ashton, Zean, and Michelle. 
Securion Enterprises CooperativeSecurion Enterprises Cooperative is a multinational organization of corporations specialized in security solutions, weaponry, and combat vehicles. 
The Extrasensory perception and Psychokinesis Laboratory"where we change the world step by step, under the guidance of our patron god, Lord Yam-Nahar." - Arwin 
Heavenly Hosts of EarthDivine police forces of the Council


Civilizations of Interests

For a list of civilizations that exists in the Xenomancy Universe, please check here. Meanwhile, you can browse the recently modified Civilizations of Interests:

COI IDAlignmentSummary
DenefasanChaotic Neutral Denefasan is a pro-biotech civilization originated from surviving members of a malfunctioning bioship that crashed in a rocky planet of a star system about twenty two thousand light-years from Biculus
AucafidianLawful Neutral A large body of various civilizations with a shared trait that their ancestry could be traced back to Planet Aucafidus
HumanityLawful Evil Humanity is comprised of non-person human species native to Planet Earth 


Mobile Task Forces

For active mobile task forces in this universe, check here:

Groups of Interests
GFE's MTF Alpha-47 "Samsara"A task force of GFE, dedicated for all missions related to the Apex Souls. 
KIA's MTF Alpha-19 "The Archangels"The Archangels are specialized in engaging with Denefasan forces, or forces reinforced with Denefasan tech. 
KIA's MTF Gamma-42 "Four Horsemen"A task force of KIA, dedicated for protecting civilians against non-normal threats. 
KIA's MTF Psi-72 "Nine Tailed Fox"KIA's frontline Mobile Task Force to deal with unusual situations with maximum level of secrecy, especially when involving reflexiors

List of Races

For a list of races that exists in the Xenomancy Universe, please check here. Meanwhile, you can browse the recently modified race pages here:

Eto aucafidiA humanoid species very closely related to Homo sapiens, native to Planet Aucafidus. Also known as Etoan. 
Infomorphos barongformesBarong is a race of Volants native to Paramundus Jagadpadang. They are highly respected benevolent spirits, and rarely attacks unprovoked. 
Infomorphos selachiformes dataphagusKamaitachi is a race of infovore Volants. They are relatively sessile ambush predators. 


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